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Have you ever heard about World of Warcraft? Here you can get more information about WOW Profession Guide like Herbalism, First aid, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Fishing, Alchemy, and much more. I even listed some guide to making gold here for player out there who desperate to know how to make gold. Please bookmark for future updates! Enjoy!
wow profession guide
wow profession guide

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow Profession Guide - Archeology

Profession related quotes from Blizzcon 2009.

Archaeology is the new secondary profession that will be unification the ranks of cooking, fishing, and first aid in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Archaeology allows the player to release new abilities and rewards by discovering antique treasures throughout the world. Each archaeologist uses the profession to reveal clues hidden in the world around them, such as troll relics or map fragments, and decipher their meaning, enabling the intellectual archaeologist to manipulate pieces of the past, learning the location of a treasure cache or precious artifact. Such artifacts are highly sought after by the Archaeology Society, and they pay in gold and items for their return. Those who have mastered archaeology can find Titan artifacts, earning special currency used to release character paths and allowing the player to further customize their character.


  • Reforging is another way to modify your gear.
  • It will be relatively cheap, you will need a Blacksmith / Leatherworker / Tailor / Jewelcrafter / Engineer to do it. Each profession get to reforge a type of items.
  • It lets you reduce one stat for another. Some restrictions will apply, you can't put the extra stat on something that is already on the item.


  • Multi-gains will be added, while you level up your trade skills, rare items will give you more points as you skill up. (Rare items will give you 5 points for example, while green bracers will only give one
  • Gathering should be a little more fun.
  • Engineering is a very fun tradeskill, but it's either amazing or it sucks and everybody drops it. More convenient items like Jeeves or Wormhole Generator will be added to the profession in the future to get back to the roots of Engineering.
  • Fishing will also have some big changes, no details yet but it's going to be more fun.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow Profession First Aid Guide

First Aid is a skill that allows you to craft and use bandages from cloth (generally obtained from Humanoid enemies). Bandages, like their application in real life, allow you to restore your characters hit points. Like most restoration abilities, bandages can only be used when nothing is hitting you. Even with this limitation, they are still very valuable in both during and after combat.

Bandages directly heal your hit points in “ticks” while you are channeling them. You can do nothing else (no attacking, moving, etc.) while using a bandage. The health is received in ticks (generally one second apart). So if a bandage heals 300 hit points over 10 seconds, you will receive 30 hits every second for 10 seconds. After a bandage has finished channeling (through any means) you will gain a debuff that will not allow you to use another bandage for sixty seconds

Bandages have a great advantage over food in that they can be used while standing and while in combat. All enemies have a 100% chance to gain a critical strike against you while sitting, which makes eating a very risky thing to do in an area with a ton of enemies (PvP for instance). Food can not be using in combat, but bandages can. This means that if you can heal yourself during combat (assuming nothing is hitting on you, which will interrupt the bandage channeling).

Bandages can be used on other players, even if they do not have the First Aid skill. This has plenty of implications, for instance allowing a Priest to regain mana while you bandage the group. Bandages are extremely useful in several instance fights where you can duck out of the action to recover your health.

Advancing in First Aid is similar to fishing and cooking. At fist you’ll be able to increase your ability by simply training at a trainer. When you reach 125 skill in First Aid you’ll then need to begin using various books (and later even a quest) in order to advance your skill and learn new recipes. Since First Aid is such a viable skill, these books are quite easy to get and mostly can be purchased from special locations.

[125 – 225] Book: Expert First Aid – Under Wraps
Useable at 125 skill in First Aid and raises your potential to allow you go up to 225 in skill.

This book can be purchased for one gold at two different vendors, depending on what faction you are with. The Alliance will need to seek out Deneb Walker in Stromgarde Ruins. The location is 27,58 (the Alliance held portion of Stromgarde). The Horde will need to seek out Balai Lok’Wein who is located in Brackenwall Village inside of Dustwallow Marsh.

While you are there, pick up the Heavy Silk Bandage and Mageweave Bandage Manuals.

[225-300] Quest: Triage
At level 35 and with 225 skill in First Aid you can seek out a special quest that will allow you to obtain a potential of 300 skill in First Aid and open up the path to learn more recipes.

  1. Alliance: You’ll need to head to Theramore Isle and seek out Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in the far right corner of the keep. You’ll know which one because there will be soldiers outside practicing.
    Horde: You’ll need to head to Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands and seek out Doctor Gregory Victor.
  2. Position yourself in the middle of the room, kind of beyond the Doctor. You may have to move around a little but you’ll get the feel for the location in a little bit.
  3. Clear away some space on your quickbar and open your inventory to the first open slot. Go ahead and take the quest from the Doctor. Various sick people will spawn on the bed and you’ll be given bandages.
  4. Move the bandages to your quickbar and start bandaging the sick people. You’ll want to bandage the Critically Injured first, then the Badly Inured, then the Injured.
  5. Continue doing it one after another until you’ve cured about 15 patients. If you didn’t fail the quest (too many died) then the doctor should have a golden question mark above his head letting you know you’re done. If you did fail then you’ll have to start over.

You’ll have to return to this doctor to learn Heavy Mageweave, Runecloth, and Heavy Runecloth bandages. He’ll train you for free when you have enough skill.

[300-375] Master First Aid – Doctor in the House
Useable at 300 skill in First Aid and raises your potential to allow you go up to 375 in skill.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wow Profession Guide Skinning 1 to 300 Guide by Highlander

You can use it as a fast track guide. Just ignore the "Your level" bit. I would seriously recommend that you wait until your level 50+ before trying this though, as it'll will takes you ages to complete at lower levels (unless of course you have a couple of level 50+ friends who don’t mind grinding mobs for you to skin). I've tried to list mobs that should be yellow or orange for your skinning level. If they are green, move onto the next zone listed.

Please note that even if a mob is red/orange to you, that this DOES NOT guarantee that you'll get a skill up. It's more likely, but not to be expected every time.

Skinning Level = 1 - Your Level = 5


Undead = Hounds around Brill
Orcs and Trolls = Mottled Boars and Scorpids around Sen'Jin Village
Tauren = Prowlers and Plainstriders around Bloodhoof Village


Humans = Boars around Goldshire
Gnomes and Dwarves = Crag Boars and Wendigo's South of Kharanos
Night Elves = Nightsabers and critters around Dolanaar

Skinning Level = 25 - Your Level = 10


Undead = Worgs and Moonrage Gluttons around Silverpine
Orcs and Trolls = Boars, Scorpids, Crocolisks and Raptors around Orgrimmar
Tauren = Prowlers and Prairie Wolves around Thunderbluff


Human = Prowlers and Bears around Eastvale Logging Camp
Gnomes and Dwarves = Wolves around Brenwall Village.
Night Elves = Moonstalkers and Bears around Auberdine

Skinning Level = 50 - Your Level = 13


(at this level most Horde should be heading towards XR)
Plainstriders, Raptors and Prowlers around XR


Humans = Goretusks all around Sentinel Hill.
Gnomes and Dwarves = Bears and Crocolisks around Thelsamar
Night Elves = Moonstalkers and Bears North of Auberdine

Skinning Level = 100 - Your Level = 20


Stormsnouts and Thunderhawks around Camp Taurajo


(at this level most Alliance should be heading for The Wetlands)
Crocolisks and Raptors around Bluegill Marsh and Whelgar's Excavation Site
Whelps and boars around Lakeshire for Alliance.

Skinning Level = 130 - Your Level = 24

Alliance and Horde

Bears and Mountain Lions around Hillsbrad Foothills
Ravagers and Wolves in Duskwood if your Alliance.
Bears, Stags and Ghostpaws in Ashenvale.

Skinning Level = 150 - Your Level = 28

Alliance and Horde

Yeti Cave in Hillsbrad Fields and Mountain Lions on the "Daggers" (these are the bits of land between Hillsbrad and Alterac Mountains, one is called Corrans Dagger, so hence the nickname)
Hyenas, Lions, Wyvern and Thunderhawks in Thousand Needles.
Bears, Stags and Ghostpaws in Ashenvale.

Skinning Level = 170 - Your Level = 32

Alliance and Horde

Raptors in Arathi Highlands.
Turtles and Basilisks in The Shimmering Flats.

Skinning Level = 180 - Your Level = 34

Alliance and Horde

Raptors, Panthers and Tigers around Nessingwarys Camp in Stranglethorn Vale
(you could actually get your skinning level all the way to 300 in and around STV as the mobs range from level 34 to level 50)
Raptors and Crocs in Dustwallow Marsh.
Thunder Lizards, Kodos, Basilisks, Scorpids and Hyenas in Desolace.
Whelps in Swamp of Sorrows.

Skinning Level = 220 - Your Level = 38

Alliance and Horde

Raptors and Gorillas around the Gurabashi Arena
Panthers, Jaguars and Crocs in Swamp of Sorrows.
Dragonkin, Coyotes and Ridge Stalkers/Huntresses in Badlands.
Wolves around Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas if your Alliance.

Skinning Level = 250 - Your Level = 45

Alliance and Horde

Snickerfangs and Boars in North Blasted Lands
Silvermanes and Gryphons in The Hinterlands.
Stags and Hippogryphs in Azshara.
Hippogryphs, Apes, Bears, Wolves, Screechers and Yetis in Feralas.

Skinning Level = 275 - Your Level = 50

Alliance and Horde

Jagueros and Gorillas on Jaguero Island (Large Island to the East of Booty Bay where Princess Poobah is being held). Skin till 300.
Yetis, Chimeras and Bears in Winterspring.
Bears in Western Plaguelands.
Plaguehounds and Plaguebats in Eastern Plaguelands.
Turtles by Raventusk Village in The Hinterlands.
Turtles and Chimeras in Azshara.
Dragonkin, Worgs and Scorpids in Burning Steppes.

Thought I'd add the mob levels that you can expect to get each specific leather from.

Ruined Leather Scraps: 1-16
Light Leather: 1-27
Light Hide: 10-27
Medium Leather: 15-36
Medium Hide: 15-36
Heavy Leather: 25-46
Heavy Hide: 25-46
Thick Leather: 35-63
Thick Hide: 40-59
Rugged Leather: 43-63
Rugged Hide: 47-63 hs, Apes, Bears, Wolves, Screechers and Yetis in Feralas.

Skinning 300 to 375 Guide by Highlander on EU-Terenas

Going from 300 to 375 is dead easy, but its going to take you as long, if not longer than it took to go from 1 to 300. Even if your skinning orange mobs, you'll only get a skill up every 5-7 successful skins.

Realistically, you could level up to 375 on the mobs around Hellfire Peninsula, but it's not the most efficient way. The following is what I believe to be a more efficient way to level it up.

301 - 310
Hellboars around Hellfire Citadel in Hellfire Peninsula.

310 - 330
Ravagers around Falcon Watch in Hellfire Peninsula.

330 - 350
Talbuk's and Clefthoofs all over Nagrand. (you could just as easily continue skinning to 375 here if you want, as if wont take that much longer, than going to Netherstorm and skinning Drakes)

350 - 375
Netherdrakes around Stormspire in Netherstorm or around Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley or Raptors and Wind Serpents around Blades Edge Mountains.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow Jewelcrafting Updated

here are some guide that may help u to level up your crafting skills and avoid all of u loss. if any difficulties happen please leave a comment. tq

Level 300-305

You will need to cut about 15 of the following gems to reach level 305. Their designs can be purchased from your faction's Master Jewelcrafting Trainer in Hellfire Penninsula. Since Wrath of the Lich King came out it's a lot harder to find the gems you need to level from 300-350. That's why I recommend using this guide to make tons of gold so you can offer top dollar for these mats.

Level 305-310

Again, you will need to cut about about 15 of the following gems to level to 310. These designs can also be purchased from your faction's Master Jewelcrafting Trainer in Hellfire Penninsula.

Level 310-320

Design: Fel Iron Blood Ring -> Fel Iron Blood Ring learned from your Master Jewelcrafting Trainer in Hellfire Penninsula. Craft 10 of these. Give/sell these to an enchanter friend or have an enchanter disenchant them for Arcane Dust.

Alternatively at 315 you can start crafting more green gems like you did above. A combination of these two crafts will best suit you depending on what is available from the Auction House or your inventory. But it won't be cheap on the Auction House so make sure you know how to make tons of gold before you waste your 'hard earned' gold. Here is a list of gems that are effective to level from 315-320:

Level 320-325

Design: Azure Moonstone Ring -> Azure Moonstone Ring learned from your Master Jewelcrafting Trainer. These are another great source of Arcane Dust.

Level 325-335

Design: Mercurial Adamantite -> Mercurial Adamantite learned from your Master Jewelcrafting Trainer. Create at least 15 of these, you'll need 15-20 of them while leveling from 335-350.

Level 335-350

Design: Heavy Adamantite Ring -> Heavy Adamantite Ring learned, again, from a Master JC trainer. Use your from above, or make a bunch first.

Level 350-360 (pre Wrath)

There are 34 blue world drop BoE jewelcrafting designs ranging from Bold Living Ruby to Jagged Talasite. Search on the Auction House and run 5 man instances until you get the ones you need/want. Use these designs to level to 360. Each resulting gem will sell for a bit more than it costs to buy the gem needed to make the cut. These are in decent demand on most servers and will be a good part of your jewelcrafting income.

Level 360-375 (pre Wrath)

There are all sorts of ways to reach 375, most require buying designs from faction vendors and crafing those to 375. Sha'tar faction will get you Design: Ring of Arcane Shielding which can take you to 365. At 370 you can get Lower City faction and buy Design: Figurine - Felsteel Boar.

Level 350-395(Northrend)

Before you get started, you're going to need a lot of gold, and I recommend you read this guide very carefully so you don't waste time. Once you're rich, buy 50-60 level 70 green quality gems off the Auction House. These include tings like Bloodstones, Chalcedony, Dark Jades, etc. Use them to craft the first trainer available recipes (there are dozens) until you're level 395. Sell these on the Auction House or dump them in your guild bank.

Level 390-425 (optional)

At level 390 you can start learning to cut blue quality gems earned by doing the daily Jewelcrafting quest. Each of these is likely to level you until level 425. You can purchase the uncut gem on the Auction House and resell it for a decent profit. Figure out which gems have the best market and markup and start buying/selling them gems and in at least a weeks time you should easily get to 425.

Level 395-400

Return to the Jewelcrafting trainer and learn one of the next 4 available crafts. Craft a total of 5 of these, any combination each requiring 1 of their respective green gems and 2 Crystallized Earth. This will get you to 400.

Level 400-420

The cheapest way to level 400-420 is to craft a total of 20-25 of: Stoneguard Bands or Shadowmight Rings. In all it will cost you a at least 40 Eternals, at least 20 Eternal Earths and a combination of 20 Earths or Shadows (for example: 30 Earths and 10 Shadows will allow you to craft 20 times). This will get you to level 420 quick. If you don't want to farm the Eternals yourself and don't have the cash, read this guide asap.

Level 420-425

By level 420 you should have several blue quality cuts that you can do. This is the cheapest way to get to 425, you can buy and sell these as mentioned in the 390-425 step above. If you don't have any of these cuts yet, you earn them by doing daily Jewelcrafting recipes.

Level 425-450

It's time to cut some meta gems. These have a decent market on the Auction House as well. Skyflare Diamond and Earthsiege Diamond are transmuted in mass while leveling Alchemy. You can find an Alchemist to transmute them or buy them pretty cheap on the Auction House. Cut them into meta gems and resell them for a profit. Recipes are available from the trainer in Dalaran. Cutting metas will get you all the way to 450.

Congratulations on level 450. Although it's been mentioned several times throughout the guide, we can't stress enough the benefit of learning EVERYTHING YOU CAN about earning gold in World of Warcraft. It really increases the level of enjoyment you get from the game.hope all of u can enjoy..